Here are the closer ones that we like..

Salt Water:


Bachman Beach great bike ride

Bachman’s Beach: Quiet, all sand beach, great for digging swimming and sun tanning. It is only 15 minutes away with a beautiful drive along the water of the Second Peninsula. The beach is about 300 meters long with sad dunes covered in grass and only about 20 meters from the parking area. Easy to launch a canoe or kayak. We like snorkeling here in the nice clear water.

Winter Picture (Stones) – Summer it turns to Sand 3 kilometers of beach

Hirtles Beach: A little hard to find but well worth it. Lots of signs saying “This is not Hirtles Beach” but nothing to tell you where it is. I’ll have to show you. It’s 3 kilometers of sand beach. It is on the open ocean side so there are waves and breakers to add to the fun. This is worth a full day because it joins up with a 6 km loop walk at Gaff Point. Great view. One couple in their 80’s did the Gaff Point hike. For the adventurous there’s even a secret beach.

Hirtles beach also has a fresh water side and people will switch from fresh water to salt water.

Small and 5 Minutes away.

Only 6 minutes away is Westhaver beach. Yep that is the name of the owner that had all of the fancy work done on this house in 1900. It is a small beach with sand a stones. It’s just right when you want a quick dip.

Ambassadog Mirah looking for Sand Dollars. Dark fine sand at low tide.

Sand Dollar Beach: This one is for low tide. It is a flat walk on fine dark sand. The whole bay empties very gently and the Sand Dollars are out near the low water mark. I love watching the tide come in on this one. It almost follows you. Its a nice swim too as the water warms up as it comes in over the warm sand.

Crescent Beach: Its a little farther but the sand is beautiful. It reminds me of when I was a kid. You can drive on the beach and park where you want to swim, relax or have some fun. It’s over a kilometer long and on a narrow spit going out to some picturesque islands accessible by road. This is a lovely drive. The easiest way is to cross over the cable ferry at LeHavre and drive along the coast. Take time to stop at the LeHaver bakery. Sure they bake but they also have live artisans some neat shops and even a skateboard manufacture all in the same building. Take time to explore it. There’s even a winery a short distance away from the beach and some more quaint stores.

Fresh Water:

Clear Fresh Water Beach + Canoe and Kayak Launch

Mush a Mush lake is just 18 minutes away. It has clear water so you can see the sandy bottom. It is a park and its free. There’s picnic tables benches and washrooms. Soft sand for tanning and also grassy park areas with kids playground. We have been there at noon and were still able to choose from a table or a bench. There’s room to put in a kayak or canoe. Water temperature was great in early July this year.

Swim up to Indian River Falls

Indian River Falls: This one takes me back to when I was a kid. A lovely falls with water pouring into a pool below. A little path and then 42 steps down to a picnic table and swim or wade below the falls. I swim as hard as I can and I can’t get to the falls. When I get tired, I just drift back and can sit in the gentle water below. I love the feeling of the water flowing past. Its about 25 minutes away on good roads. You pass a winery on this trip.

That’s Just a start of the beaches. We’ll add more a little later.