This is why BREAKFAST is in our name.


Mahone Bay Bed and Breakfast - Elke

Ready … ACTION

Mahone Bay Bed and Breakfast - Crepes

Strawberries never had it so good!

Mahone Bay Bed and Breakfast - Fresh Biscuits and Berries

Have some fresh baked biscuits with your fruit

Mahone Bay Bed and Breakfast - Home made Frittata

Frittata freshly made

Mahone Bay Bed and Breakfast - Herbs

Made with fresh picked herbs



Elke particularly likes free-style. Flipping things without a flipper is her specialty. Sometimes a crepe seems to just float in the air. Of course her second specialty is smiles.

Normally breakfast is served between 8:00 and 9:00 but we aim to please.

Mahone Bay bed and Breakfast near Lunenburg

All set for Breakfast

We always plan a healthy, nutritious breakfast and will accommodate your special dietary needs. So far request have been for lactose intolerance, diabetes, gluten-free, allergy to eggs, fruit allergies, vegan and vegetarian needs. We haven’t found a way to eliminate all of the calories.




Once those crepes land they get all bundled up around some delicious fruit.  Do they look a little dark on the top? How did those chocolate flakes get on there?








Those biscuits look brand new. They only popped out just a minute ago. Elke is trying to surpass her mentor that made the best biscuits she ever tasted. She says shes getting close.


There’s always a fruit dish but it varies with what is at it’s best.




This dish is gluten free and delicious. Everything we serve  has been prepared just before serving. Sometimes the ingredients stay up all night guessing what creation they will become in the morning.






Those little hints of green in the previous pictures are fresh herbs picked from our garden.






The table is set for eight but we adjust that once we learn when people would like to eat.


Voted best breakfast in the County Mahone Bay Bed and Breakfast

Frittata with 3 different types of home-made bread toasted. Add to this a choice of at least 3 preserves





We try to keep things fresh. Those are 3 different breads all home-made and baked in our kitchen.



Mahone Bay Bed and Breakfast Fruit Plate healthy breakfast

Sometimes Fruit just look so good!




This one takes a little more time to prepare but it sure looks and tastes great.


Peter's creation July Mahone Bay Bed and Breakfast

That’s a tomato rose, poached eggs with 3 low fat sauces and potato Rosti. Yes, it does taste terrific. Created by Peter





Peter served this when we went away to our daughter’s wedding. Peter and Lynn were wonderful and we are really blessed that they filled in for us.


Scott and Elke after Breakfast Mahone Bay Bed and Breakfast

It looks like we’re ready for breakfast. The truth is breakfast is over and we’re ready to relax before our new guests show up later in the day





Franco Rossi took this picture. It was after breakfast and we were in the process of setting up for the next day.