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Mahone Bay Bed and Breakfast Scott and Elke

Scott and Elke
Mahone Bay Bed and Breakfast

Welcome to our home.We look forward to serving and protecting you during your stay with us.

We love the community and how convenient it is to shop, eat and relax. Our previous stop was Halifax and before that British Columbia. Prior to that was Ontario and Germany but that was when we were growing up and living our separate lives.

We have had to make some adjustments this year. Health problems have forced us to spend time recovering. The good news is Charles Otter. Charles brings his experience and wonderful personality as Manager of Mahone Bay Bed and Breakfast for this busy season. In his first couple weeks Charles has gotten “Best Breakfast Ever” reviews and “5 Star” ratings. Enjoy Charles’ enthusiasm and commitment to make each persons stay the best.


We hope your stay is enjoyable.

Mahone Bay Bed and Breakfast - Elke and Scott Kitchen

Elke and Scott Kitchen not working


Mahone Bay Bed and Breakfast Scott and Elke best breakfast in county

It looks like we’re ready for breakfast. The truth is breakfast is over and we’re ready to relax before our new guests show up later in the day